Why I Decided To Write a Blog

Oct 4, 2017 | Life, Other

Hello there!

My name’s Lynette Lim and thank you for taking the time to stop by to read this blog!

I have been meaning to start a personal blog for several years to document my experience as an entrepreneur and retailer, and subsequent journey of self-discovery after that.

For many years, I ran my own retail business called SOLE 2 SOLE.  Based in Singapore, we specialised in representing shoes and accessories brands from the UK, Italy as well as supported Singaporean  designers by providing them a platform to showcase their work. At the peak of our business we had several distribution points for our brands and doing a turnover of a million dollars.

In 2012, the business began to take a turn for the worse and we started shutting our stores. Our counter at Takashimaya Department Store counter was the final one to close in February 2016.

The reality was the retail scene in Singapore had shifted forever and the old ways of doing business no longer applied, especially with the rise of the Internet.

It was a period of soul-searching and much self-recrimination.

Still, life had to go on and so I went back to corporate life for a couple of years, learned new things and eventually I stopped work in mid 2017 due to personal matters at home that required more of my attention.

The break that I took to look into my home matters also allowed me the time and space to search inside myself, asking the question “What’s next?”. Honestly, I am grateful to be able to take some time out after having been on the go these past 15 years.

So here we are – at the crossroads, place of transition, or whatever you may want to call it. What happens next, I have no idea – there are loads of opportunities out there and it’s about trusting God to lead the way.

Happy reading!

Love and gratitude