Want to know more about me?

I’ll keep it simple and random, with these 5 fun facts:

  1. I express my creative self best with images, that’s why I LOVE Instagram! I haven’t gotten round to Pinterest yet…The reason why I started this blog is because I want to practice my copywriting muscle, so I hope you enjoy the stories.
  2. I am a geek. I love systems and operations; and implementing automated marketing systems is just up my street.
  3. The reason why I focus on digital marketing as a career is because I want work-location freedom. Think #workfromanywhere and #digitalnomadlife.
  4. I’m a self confessed shoe queen. When I was working as a brand manager for a distributor of the Italian luxury footwear label, Bruno Magil, I had 50 pairs of shoes under my desk. We had big desks in the 90s, none of that co-working space concept existed then. It helped I was also sample size…
  5. I love all things design related and thought about becoming an architect as a career choice. Until my Mum said it would take 7 years of my life to get a degree. Instead I majored in Art History and Literature.
Ms Pollyanna | Lynette Lim Profile

Why on Earth “Ms. Pollyanna”?

Pollyanna: “a person characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything.”

Definition by Merriam-Webster

That’s me. I’m always saying “every cloud has a silver lining” and I firmly believe it’s pointless crying over spilt milk, just get on with life – you know? Better yet, be happy doing the things you love and stay positive.

Besides, “Lynette Lim” is the most boring sounding name. Ever. Never mind the fact if you google it, there’s a Lynette Lim who’s a senior executive, an Olympic swimmer for Singapore and a violinist. So I scratched the idea of naming my blog after me.

It’s a Lifestyle

Ms Pollyanna | Lynette working on laptop while in Phuket
Ms Pollyanna | Working on laptop while on train
Ms Pollyanna | Closed laptop by the beach

The Official Bio

Lynette Lim

Lynette began her career in retail – covering aspects of brand management, marketing, merchandising, retail operations and private label development.

In 2004, she moved into the entrepreneurial space, starting her own multi-label footwear retail business called SOLE 2 SOLE which she ran for nearly 15 years.

After a short hiatus, Lynette started Pollyanna Consulting, a boutique digital marketing consultancy; specialising in content marketing, branding and lead generation.

She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®).

Ms Pollyanna | Desktop with vase of peonies


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