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2023 – A Retrospective

2023 – A Retrospective

Folks have been telling me that 2023 has been a year of massive change for them. I remember at the start of the year, my bestie told me her feng shui master said that for us born in the Year of the Pig, we’d have to be in motion to ward off the bad energy that 2023...

Gratitude and Reflections for 2018

Gratitude and Reflections for 2018

As we ring in the new year, I was reflecting on all the good things that have happened in 2018. For me, there were three major highlights: 1. Family Mum's improved health This time last year, Mum had developed further complications along her spine. As a result, she...

Things To Note When Embarking On A Journey Of Self Discovery

Things To Note When Embarking On A Journey Of Self Discovery

Photo by Killian Pham on Unsplash   Since the beginning of this year, I’ve embarked on a conscious journey of self-discovery. It means that I have intentionally made certain choices to help me facilitate this quest while trying to discover more about my...


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